The Founder: 
                                             Peter  Barnett
Peter Barnett is the CEO and founder of the Company. He ex Airborne Forces having served in the British Army for 8 years.  He holds a Bachelors degree  in Contemporary European Studies.
His dissertation was: 
"Lobbying and the European Union Decision Making Process."
After a successful career in Advertising , In 2005 he changed industry sector and worked in the City as a proprietary trader with a Chicago based prop firm and later with Schnieder Trading Associates. He worked in Private Equity and  also as an inter-dealer broker before moving into the private client  side of the City.
He has two  diplomas  in Investment Advice one in Securities and one in Derivatives with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment. He is also a proficient futures trader. 
Although he is professionally qualified neither he nor the company provide professional advice. 
The Company:
Fountainhead Investments Ltd , was formed when he realised that many investment houses  avoid informing their clients the true nature of  the risks in the investments that they deal in. Often the brokers have little true understanding of the risks or benefits other than what they had learned by rote. 
Because the average investor does not understand risk  many financial institutions, FCA regulated or not,  play down it's role in the investment process. 
He was also of the opinion that the City's unofficial "Glass Door"  police means that valuable experience is not utilised.
"London is heralded as one of Europe's most diverse Cities, just look at the diversity in London when you walk around, that diversity it is not reflected on the  "Management Team tab" of 95% of the firms in the City of London nor in the Financial  service sector overall. "
This underpins one of the City's biggest weaknesses , covert discrimination and the desire to conform from the top down, the old "King has no clothes"  syndrome otherwise known as   "Group think". 
The company name is taken from Ayn Rand's book the Fountainhead the polar opposite to group think..
It's values are shown on the Company Values tab.  
Our company seeks to face risk to achieve high reward, in the global financial & frontier markets. 
The Company Exhibited some time back at the Master Investor Show: 
Raising Capital:
We seek to raise capital to profit  from the unique factors in the financial markets, that present an abundance of opportunities. Profits can be  significant - but the risks are too. 
Mr Neil, previously Global Head of Technical Analysis at Bloomberg and a trader for 40 years, once said:
“Active Fund Managers can deliver the best value for their clients by making intelligent investment choices based on their own unique insights into the market."
This is in line with our Objectivist approach.    
Fountainhead Investments Ltd - Leader in Trading Decision
Fountainhead Investments CEO
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