The company seeks to exploit the numerous opportunities that Brexit has generated for PROFIT and  distribution to our Shareholders.

Investors may buy Pre IPO, redeemable, shares with the opportunity of high impact growth, dividend income  and cash back with a premium.




Capital Growth through  Private Equity 



Investing in Frontier Markets:


Akon's Solar Project in Franco phone Africa

We are inspired by and seek to develop Projects similar to what the Rapper Akon has been doing successfully in Franco Africa,  as seen in the above video. 


We have a deal pipeline in  Frontier Market Enterprises that have a requirement for attracting multi million pound investments for various projects. Projects such as Private Public Partnerships in areas such as Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Forestry or  Hedging of commodities.  

 Proprietary Trading:

Another role is to actively trade the financial markets using arbitrage and mean revision  strategies to reduce risk and maximum returns.  This is through  trading indices, government bonds and commodities through the futures and options market on recognised exchanges such as Eurex, ICE, CME and the LSE. 


Targeted returns are between 1-2%  per month 


Introducing Marketing Agent

We introduce Institutions and High Volume traders to specialised brokers that provide access to high liquidity markets.

Between 1 - 2 ticks commission per trade on high volume trades. 

We also act as Marketing Affiliates for various asset providers. 

Investment Opportunities

in an Era of Post Brexit 

Fountainhea Investments Trades the Financia Markets

Fountainhead Investments Ltd shares  are redeemable by the Company at a 7.5 % premium through  a callable option.  Investors can sell their shares after three years by giving  notice to liquidate their holdings,  on a match bargain basis, at  the existing value of their shares. This makes your investment liquid, capital is not tied up indefinitely like most private companies shares*. 


The Company makes it's profits through proprietary trading and alternative asset backed investments along with introduction of private equity. Therefore money is made on performance only not commission or annual management charges:

 Minimum subscription  

    Qualifying  Investor : £10,000      

 Corporate  Investor : £50,000

Maximum Subscription

Private Investors: £50,000

Corporate Investor: £100,000

NB: Increments of £2500

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