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FHI Private Equity

Proprietary Trading Firm

To make money in the financial markets an investor needs to be above the curve. This requires commitment of both capital and time.  Buying  shares in FHI , you outsource the time & expertise in trading the markets.  This  is  done through us actively trading or investing in the markets. This is known as proprietary trading.

As a proprietary trader  we monitor the Markets  from the opening to closing bell. Opportunities are researched planned and executed on a minute to minute , hourly or daily basis. 

Ware offering shares to Qualifying Investors only.  This is through a private equity placement.

Online Courses In Financial Services

"Knowledge Dispels Fear"

The online courses are for active participants seeking to generate money from the financial markets.  To view the course details and prices go to the Click on the Box below  then register an account and logon to select the course that suits you. 

For the Active  Speculator 

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Trader Training & Trader Facilitation

Trader development and support

You want be independent and to use your capital to make money in the markets but you need to know where to start.

You will learn the foundations of how to trade the financial markets at a professional level. 


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