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Online Courses In Financial Services

"Knowledge Dispels Fear"

The online courses are for active participants seeking to generate money from the financial markets.  To view the course details and prices go to the "Online Courses " tab then log on and select the course that suits you. 

For Beginners and New Traders

We run a Trader Trainer course that will provide you with the essential knowledge to approach the Markets and to be confident in trading. 

For the Savvy Investor

A short course in providing you the key factors in which to analyse Private Equity.  You will learn the cores skills like  a Private Equity analyst to assess the viability of a particular venture or Pre IPO Stock. 

For the Active Stock Speculator 

Subscribe to our Market Sqwark Box  and you will receive trading and stock selection ideas. This is quality over quantity.  If you open an account with  our City Stock Broker you also have direct communication and professional guidance on what Pre IPO Stocks are on offer and "What is Hot and What is Not". 

Proprietary Trading

First Mover advantage

To make money in the financial markets an investor needs to be above the curve. This requires commitment of both capital and time.  By working with us and allocating capital you outsource the time & expertise in trading the markets.  This can be done through actively trading or investing in the markets.

As an Introducing broker we monitor the Markets  from the opening to closing bell. Opportunities are researched planned and executed on a minute to minute , hourly or daily basis. 

UK Property Portfolios

Introducing Broker 

We act on behalf of UK Property developers that develop prestigious property in prime locations. The apartments are for sale to investors that seek  rental income and the capital appreciation without the hassle of managing these properties. 

Trader Training & Trader Facilitation

Trader development and support

You want be independent and to use your capital to make money in the markets but you need to know where to start.

You will learn the foundations of how to trade the financial markets at a professional level. 


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