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We Specialise in the following:

International Bonds

Diversified & Tax efficient Investments'

These are for Expatriates that need unrestrictive  portfolio growth. Who want the freedom to invest any amount they please and see it grow unhindered by the effects of taxation. 

You have the flexibility and you get to keep your wealth in the Family without having to pay excessive Inheritance Tax. 

International Bonds give you virtually unlimited choice of funds and allow you to make your own investment decisions should you so desire. 


Our IB services are suitable for expats domiciled outside the UK who are taxed locally but hold investments assets overseas.  We work with  major global fund Managers If you would like advice on your situation then submit your details through the contact section. 

We work through I.AM Group Ltd  who conduct  compliance and administration of applications. 

Proprietary Trading

First Mover advantage

To make money in the financial markets an investor needs to be above the curve. This requires commitment of both capital and time.  By working with us and allocating capital you outsource the time & expertise in trading the markets.  This can be done through actively trading the markets or investing in crypto currencies. 

We are proprietary traders.  The Markets are monitored from the opening to closing bell. Opportunities are researched planned and executed on a minute to minute , hourly or daily basis. 

Shareholders who own the redeemable shares in the company enjoy dividends and a buy back premium of 7.5%  of your original investment. 

The dividends and premium are subject to the profits generated by the company and it's activities. 

UK Property Portfolios

Introducing Broker 

We act on behalf of UK Property developers that develop prestigious property in prime locations. The apartments are for sale to investors that seek  rental income and the capital appreciation without the hassle of managing these properties. 

Trader Training & Trader Facilitation

Trader development and support

You want be independent and to use your capital to make money in the markets but you need to know where to start.

You will learn the foundations of how to trade the financial markets at a professional level. 


Visit the Trader Training tab on the Menu

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