Questions & Answers 

Who are you ? 

The Fountainhead Investments  is based in London , England .

It is formed by Peter A Barnett who is the  CEO and Founder. He has extensive experience in  financial services, including  Private equity, stockbroking, inter-dealer broking and derivatives trading. 

What is the company background ? 

The company is registered in England and Wales.  It  acts as an introducing broker for international wealth manager and a proprietary trading company for  shareholders. 

Are you FCA Regulated ?


Short answer: NO

The placement of private company shares is an unregulated activity and is only suitable for qualifying investors.  We act as an introducing broker a major Wealth Management company that is fully regulated and authorised to conduct investment advice internationally for expatriates (excluding the UK).


What is the qualifying criteria to be able to purchase the redeemable shares?

We don't take on retail investors. Only institutional and Qualifying investors who have  an understanding of the risks and reward are considered to participate. 



What are the benefits of owning the redeemable shares? 

  • There is no limit to share price appreciation. (Capital Growth)

  • Income from dividends , subject to performance.

  • Defined risk, limited  to the  capital invested.

  • If the company redeems it's shares then you will receive 100% of the amount you invested back plus an additional  7.5%. 


Are the returns guaranteed ? 

Short Answer:  NO. 

Trading is a risky business. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Being active trading in small size, relative to much larger institutional market participants,  enables traders to be more responsive to market conditions and therefore scale into and out of positions without these positions going against them. 

As  a consequence achieving average  returns of 2- 5 % per month is a realistic ROI on capital traded. This represents only part of our activities as we seek to diversify risk. 

We believe that if a shareholder holds their stock for at least  three - five  years, it will give enough time for returns to generate, subject to performance,  we will  make dividend payments which obviously pleases shareholders and reduces their risk. The shares being redeemable at par come with a 7.5% premium when exercised.

What's the catch? 

We are a private limited company so you will need to be a qualified investor to invest. We are not looking for orphans, widows or people who require the word "Guaranteed returns"  because they are seeking a risk free investment or promises thereof.  Only  serious investors that understand and accept the principles or risk and reward are accepted.


This is because the capital that is used to purchase our shares is at risk.  As a shareholder the value of the shares may not be the same as the amount you paid for them on exit. They could be less or a lot more.

What's the minimum investment ? 

We have a minimum and maximum investment. The Minimum is £25,000. 

What happens if I wish to sell early ? 

If you wish to sell  your shares early,  then you will be given a valuation of your holding based on the current share value.


By  holding your shares for at least three years  it allows  your shares a  period of gestation to develop and grow. 

What happens to  shareholders funds? 

The funds are used for as per the business model in the information memorandum. At all times,the custody funds of reside in an FCA authorised Institution. 


As a shareholder you receive a share certificate and are placed on the company share register.





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