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Basset and Gold is a collection of innovative people from a diverse background base looking to disrupt the stagnant finance industry.

The company was set up by finance industry experts from hedge fund, private debt, financial regulation, corporate banking and FX backgrounds. Its mission is to create investment opportunities that are easy to understand, transparent and that continuously control risk while maintaining market-leading returns.

Basset and Gold provides financing to marketplace and peer-to-peer lending platforms and direct loans. It provides an asset class that has previously been monopolised by hedge funds and large banks.

The company finances its loan business by issuing fixed income asset backed bonds to retail investors (UK only at this stage).

Leaprate MAY 22, 2018 :


“I’m a happy chappy I’ve got 6.12 %, have you?”


“Daniel keep me up to date with everything to do with my bond. Feel very comfortable talking to him.”


“I would like to express my total satisfaction with my Dedicated Relations manager Anthony Margolis with the handling of my investment folio since joining Basset & Gold in April of this year.As i have already stated, i am very happy with his handling of my current investments.He has helped in advising and giving further information on future investments that hopefully will prosper on favourable returns."

David .R

“So far I have found Basset and Gold to be great. Everything is so simple.

One invests a lump sum and watch your money grow and grow. These are great bonds as you don't have to do anything. The Basset and Gold team are always on hand to help and assist. A great armchair investment for the passive investor. Well done Basset and Gold.”


“Excellent financial advisors and good returns on my investments”

"From 2 January 2018 B&G Finance Ltd was authorised by the FCA, and from 1 March 2018, it arranged and promoted mini-bonds on behalf of Basset & Gold plc, which issued the mini-bonds.

FSCS has determined that due to mis-selling of these mini-bonds, many Basset & Gold bondholders who bought their mini-bonds through B&G Finance Ltd may be able to claim compensation up to the £85,000 limit.

FSCS is investigating possible mis-selling of the mini-bonds by other related firms prior to 1 March 2018. " FSCS 1st April (April Fools day)

FSCS Basset Gold announcement

Steven J

“So far Basset and Gold seem to be performing well, but the proof will be the return I get for my investment” 2018

Basset & Gold Investor

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