JN Capital Ltd goes Bust!

Meetings of Creditors


This is an example of an FCA Bucket Shop finally being laid to rest. They were previously known as JN Financial Ltd and changed their name to JN Capital Ltd. Their operation was absolutely terrible and many clients had lost money through them. They operated as licensed boiler room, hounding clients and not on occasions not paying commissions owed to their Brokers.

Their Directors were:

Johnathan Green


Nathan Eisenberg

Their reputation in the City and among clients from what I knew and heard was pure churn and burn.

(Company Number 05591743)

Registered office: 131 Edgware Road, London, W2 2AP

Principal trading address: 3 Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9GE

By Order of the Board, notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 98 of the Insolvency Act 1986 of a meeting of creditors of the above named company, convened for the purposes of receiving the directors' statement of affairs, appointing a liquidator and if the creditors think fit appointing a liquidation committee. The meeting will be held at Meridien House, Ground Floor, 69-71 Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 1DS on 03 October 2016 at 10.15 am. Creditors may attend and vote at the meeting by proxy or in person. In order to be entitled to vote at the meeting, creditors must lodge their proxies (unless they are individual creditors attending in person), together with a statement of their claim at the offices of Quantuma LLP, 81 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 1NS, not later than 12.00 noon on 30 September 2016.

The resolutions at the creditors’ meeting may include a resolution specifying the terms on which the Liquidator’s remuneration and disbursements are to be paid. The meeting may receive information about, or be asked to approve, the costs of preparing the statement of affairs and convening the meeting. Nick Simmonds (IP No. 9570) of Quantuma LLP, Meridien House, Ground Floor, 69-71 Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 1DS and Chris Newell (IP No. 13690) of Quantuma LLP, 81 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 1NS are qualified to act as Insolvency Practitioners in relation to the Company and will provide creditors free of charge with such information concerning the company’s affairs as is reasonably required.

Further information can be obtained from: Tom Stannett of Quantuma LLP, Email: Thomas.stannett@quantuma.com Tel: 01628 478100.

Nathan Eisenberg, Director

19 September 2016

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