Proprietary Trading 

as a Business 


Proprietary Trading in the City of London

For an explanation of  Proprietary Trading please view the  videos of  Steve Ruffley of InterTrader and Jack Inman of  tradimo  for an independent  view of the sector

In the City of London the International Financial Markets, apart from Banks, Investment Funds or Hedge Funds, there is a special breed of Individuals who trade. 

These are proprietary traders, individuals that day in and day out trade the financial markets. Unlike Banks, Stock Brokers  or IFA's  they make their money not from commissions but from trading the markets profitably. 


These are the former "locals" from the Trading pits, or the Millennial generation of Graduates and MBA's that have   flair and an entrepreneurial spirit.  They are true professionals that know their market and how to trade it. 

As a proprietary trader, they either trade with their own funds or the Company's capital. This capital derives from backers that seek superior returns, that the mainstream investments do not provide. The shareholders are either former traders or Individuals that also have an entrepreneurial streak in them.  

Typically they have the money and appetite to invest but not the TIME!  

Provided you are a qualifying investor, you may wish to own shares in your own proprietary trading company. 


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