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Throwing Conventional "Wisdom" Out!

Or why the Sheep Get Slaughtered “The Beginner needs diversification until he learns the ropes. It (diversification) might be necessary where no intelligent supervision is likely. Otherwise, it is an admission of not knowing what to do and an effort to strike an average. The intelligent and safe way to handle capital is to concentrate. If thing are not clear, do nothing. When something comes up, follow it to the limit, subject. The greatest safety lies in putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket. You simply cannot afford to be careless or wrong. Hence, you act with much more deliberation. ….Of course , we always have to remember that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison

Speculative Attitude Essential

I enjoy reading a lot and Gerald M Loeb's renowned book ,while an oldie, is still very much relevant today as it was then. In the 2nd Chapter of his book he spells out the place speculation has in surviving and thriving in the investment arena Speculative Attitude Essential By Gerald M Loeb From the Book The Battle for Investment Survival (1932) People expect too much of investment. They think, incorrectly, that they must always keep their money “working”. If investment were merely what most people think it is – just buying something for income- fortunes would be extremely easy to establish by simply letting the money compound itself. ……………………Investment is far more complicated than just gett

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