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Since quantitative easing we have seen a huge upraise in HFT trading and sadly since 2008 a demise in the historical proprietary trading house . Returns in prop trading have been lower as stock markets beta returns have bettered them and turned investors away . Low interest rates and lean pickings made prop houses a dying industry as HFT houses run amok with colocation ,speed and technology . However in 2017 we are seeing HFT desks close down , they are dominated by Citadel and Virtu who control 85% of business ,HFT are showing dismal returns with alarming costs despite stock markets soaring etc . Had investors put monies into stock markets rather than HFT their returns would of been 50% BET

Cassandra's Red Flag

Last Weekend the Financial Times carried an article about the VIX index and the dangers that lie ahead. However Futures Magazine wrote an article back in April also alerting savvy investors of the headwinds coming our way. Below is the article in full. VIX Red Flag Equity markets spiked higher and the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) gapped lower on Monday April 24, buoyed by the results of the French presidential election last Sunday. Centrist and pro-European Union candidate Emmanuel Macron came in first and is polling well ahead (20+ points) of far-right rival Marine Le Pen. The two will face off in a May 7 run-off. Positive earnings continued to provide strength for equities throughout the w

Getting started in Trading

Below is a very helpful article we found for would be traders written by one of the staff at the website: Trade2Win. TRADING IS SIMPLE . . . First and foremost, this section of the Sticky is a reality check, intended to give aspiring traders a glimpse of what they’re getting themselves into. It’s not intended to be negative, though some people may perceive it that way. It tries to tell it like it is. If you went on a hike across the Himalayas, you’d want to go prepared and know as much as possible about the perils that may lie ahead. The boards of T2W are littered with past members who have fallen by the wayside, often because they embarked on their trading journey without due care and prep

Being Bearish during a Bull Run

The late Great Economist John Maynard Keynes famously said: “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent!”

Sell In May Go Away - How a Trader Trades the Markets

I am going to put my "Balls" on the line in this post You may of heard of the saying: “Sell in May go away” When I was trading in the City; some of the traders used to mock me as I liked to use Charts as an aid to my trading. This is known as Technical Analysis. They would say to me: “Peter and his magic charts.” Most traders in the City do not pay too much attention to Charts, they are like tea leaves for fortune tellers. However; some traders live and die by them. For me they are just a part of a picture. Fundamentals play a big part too. The Banking Dynasty the Rothschilds coined the phrase: “Buy on the Cannon and sell on the Bugle”. On the announcement of the battle of Waterloo, this is

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